Finally writing and textboxes

18 May

Sooo… today I wrote. I finally got started on actual scripting. I’ve had day 4 written down for a while but I was too lazy to get started. I have about half done. It’s weird having things planned out. Up to this point I was basically making stuff up as I went but this time I wrote the whole day out in advance. I know I have to get from point A to point B, now I have to write what’s in between. ^^ I think I like this method better because the story is getting fairly complicated and I have a lot of variables I have to keep track of.

Today, for example, I was just writing the dialogue between Iris and Devlin and then I remembered, what if the player chose xxx, Devlin was mad at her the last time they say each other, how did he forget all about that. Great, one more IF!

I really want the characters to change their reaction based on the player’s choices but it sure is hard to keep track of everything. It’s like designing a lot of parallel universes. The hard part is that they have to all come together in key points and I don’t want to copy a whole day and just change some parts because that means people won’t be able to skip anything in another playtrough. That’s not the way I want to increase my word count. ^^

Since no one will probably read all this, I’ll make this post a bit more interesting with some pictures. Because progress is best shown through pictures.

Textbox progress 1 = oldest, 4 = current

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