Summer boys are real! Oh and some boring stuff.

27 May

Boring part:

I haven’t posted for a little while because I don’t really have any updates. I’m working my butt off writing, but that’s not very exciting. I finished day 5 and just need to test it and correct what mistakes I find.

I’ve made myself a graphic of all the choices, so I can see clearly who gets what points and when. I’ve noticed my personal preference is getting in the way. I counted all the points, and they are as such: Seth and Alden – 8, Devlin – 13. Oops?  But day 5 will be filled with Seth and Alden! I’ll make sure not to leave them behind. Either that or I’ll cut back on Devlin’s points. Even though he has the most points, he is the only character with whom you can have negative interractions (aka lose points), so it’s fair in a way, right? Right??  ^^;

No pictures from the game today… Sorry for the boring post, but someone has to do the writing.

Hot guys part:

While I was having writers block (totally not procrastinating, I swear!!!) I decided to imagine how my boys would look if they were real people. So… I decided to associate each boy with a famous asian guy. Extra points if you know who they are! 😉

I have two choices for each of them. It’s very hard to choose, as I love them all. They don’t look exactly like them (the eyes in particular), but when they make a movie based on my game, they will fix that with contacts, hair dye etcetera. XD

So without further ado, here are the Summer boys as real people!!

Devlin candidates:

Devlin 1

Devlin 1

Devlin 2

♥                                                                                                                              ♥

Seth candidates:

Seth 1

Seth 1

Seth 2 (you can picture the glasses on him, right?)

♥                                                                                                                              ♥

Alden candidates:

Alden 1

Alden 2

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