Random Thursday

9 Jun

After finishing every single background I needed (at the time), I decided to write today. I made a list of the events of the day and then wrote about half of them. It seems day 5 will be rather simple and linear. I made some diagrams of the choices so far and it seems I have too many – useless – menus. At the same time I’m scared of taking them out because that means I have to go and mess with the choices and renumber them which is a pain. What if I change my mind later? Ugh…

I updated my word count on the SFM page. I estimate the final game will have around 40k words. Just a hunch. A lot of that will be show x, hide y, since I haven’t added those in, save for a few test areas. I think it’s still a good number, it won’t be 100k+ like the big games, but still a manageable size.

I changed my backgrounds to .jpg’s since I noticed they’re smaller than .png’s or at least the size/quality is easily adjustable in Photoshop. <- Random thing you didn’t need to know.

What else, what else? Oh yeah… I’m not sure what to do about the CGs. Should the heroine be in them? She’s gonna have to be in the [OMG SPOILERS!] kissing CGs [/OMG SPOILERS] so it would be weird if she wasn’t in any of the rest. But if I do draw her, should I do the faceless/face-is-covered-by-hair type of thing? I noticed they do that in VNs sometimes. I guess they figure it helps you imagine that’s you in the CG? I dunno…

Mandatory picture of the week
Random pic I drew of the MC.

Why yes, I DO suck at anatomy.

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