It happened…

25 Jun

I knew this would happen eventually. After the initial excitement wore off, I’ve hit a rough spot. I’m not working on the game everyday like I was doing a month ago. I haven’t done any work in like a week so I’m feeling guilty about it. I’ve been watching anime and dramas (finally watching “My girlfriend is a gumiho”. It’s great so far!), learning Japanese, going out, and generally having fun and enjoying my summer break. But this has to stop! I promised myself I’ll finish this, and I will. In the mean time, I’ll show you some more backgrounds! I redid MC’s bedroom + a few others.

I was thinking… is it bad that I am showing these? I think not. No one reads this blog anyway. haha ^^;

2 Responses to “It happened…”

  1. chuichoy 25/01/2012 at 04:48 #

    these backgrounds are gorgeous! they look like they could be from a pixar movie 🙂 what programs do you use? 3dmax? blender?

    • SummerFoundMe 25/01/2012 at 23:27 #

      Wow, thanks. Actually the model is made in google sketchup, then edited in photoshop. I chose sketchup because it’s so easy to learn, even for a noob like me. XD

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