Background dilemma

3 Jul

Yes I’m still alive ( amazingly so after watching all the episodes of glee in 3 days).

I wrote a little today. It was a scene in which Iris goes with Alden to visit an old tower. I was debating in my head how many backgrounds I should make. They meet in front of the tower, then they go to the top (just a few lines here), then -OMG HUGE SPOILERS- rain starts and they go inside and sit on the steps. Here they talk a lot so I already made a background for the inside of the tower. The thing is… should I make a BG for the part where they are at the top of the tower? I HATE doing outside BGs because doing hills and trees is super hard for me. I’m thinking of just skipping it. No one will be like “I really liked this game, but there was one place where I felt like the creator got lazy and didn’t make that one extra background.”

Actually, there is one other place where I have this problem. It’s the alternative to going with Alden to the tower. Iris takes cover from the rain in a bar. The thing is, I made a BG with the entrance of the bar, from the outisde. I even added a nice rain effect. Then it hit me. Oh wait, the whole action happens INSIDE THE BAR. *throws self off cliff* It looks stupid when Iris talks about what’s going on inside the bar and we see the outside. Should I make a CG for the inside? Probably.
Obligatory image:
Um… lemme find something.
Ah, there we go. Doodleicious pic of Devlin I did in 10 minutes

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