29 Dec

I am so close to finishing the script, and what am I doing? Drawing. What am I drawing? Sprites or anything useful like that? No. I am redoing the main menu… So I’m not sure how I feel about the new look. It’s certainly more cheerful which was what I was going for, and it has the boys on it, which is the whole reason why I started this, but it also seems less professional. Not that my previous one was such a big deal, but it was more polished I think. This one is minimalistic compared to the things I usually go for. That’s not a bad thing… I guess I was too used to the old main menu. Now of course I’ll have to redo the other menues, but it’s time for a break. I’m not gonna show the menu, just in case I tinker with it later or scrap it all together. I will show you the group shot of the boys. I really outdid myself with this one. Not in terms of quality necessarily, but in terms of dedication. I also saved all my retarded sketches. That’s how I do, I redraw until my hand hurts. It’s interesting to see how the drawing evolved I guess.  

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