How I tackled LiveComposit

4 Jan

Happy new year! As you can see, I am still hard at work on my VN.

The title says everything… Today I tackled the problem of emotions. I had previously decided to skip doing this entirely and just draw out every emotion. I don’t know what came over me today, but I sure am glad. LiveComposite kicks ass. It’s true, it wasn’t smooth sailing right from the start, but I got the hang of it way quicker than I expected. I only did one character today. This is because I had the sprite drawn with its neutral look. While I had separate layers, they weren’t the kind I needed. I had each piece of clothing and the lineart on different layers. Little good that did me, what I needed was separate eyebrows (which were one with the hair! argh!), eyes, mouths (this was easy since it wasn’t connected to anything). Oh well… next time I will know better.

The only concern I have now is if there is a way to change just one thing without declaring a new mood. For example if I just want to add blush to an emotion, is there any way to avoid declaring something like a_mood==smilingwitheyesclosedandblush. Of course I don’t name my emotions that way, it was just an example ^^. Though it might be easier to remember than: content, amused, surprised, embarrassed, embarrassed etc

I am so happy LiveComposit was so easy, I was expecting to get frustrated with it and abandon the idea. The mom already has all her emotions drawn, and since they are so few (4 or 5 I think), I’ll just leave them, unless I need to reduce the size at the end (I probably will *sigh*)

Next on my list is to make a new textbox for narration and MC’s thoughts and implement it. I have no idea how, but I’m gonna find out! ^_^ First I will finish making the other sprites of course.

I am still considering the idea of a side image for MC. The biggest problem (apart from my laziness) would be the fact that it will ruin the whole damn textbox. I have the name thing on the left and options on the right, I will have to make yet another textbox just for that. So far it’s not looking  good for this idea.

Now for the mandatory picture of the day/post. These are the expressions I am using so far, will probably make more parts as I need them. My fave one is the embarrassed one (row 1, 4th pic).  I don’t even know why I made the frowney eyebrows, I don’t remember a single instance where Alden is upset in the whole game. ^^;



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