Finals == X_X

22 Jan

So… I haven’t done much lately regarding the game. There’s still a lot to do, more than I’d care to remember, especially regarding the sprites. I have avoided working on the game because when I start tinkering with the tiniest thing, next thing I know I’m knee-deep in code. And that is bad, very bad. Why? Read the title again.

Once such occasion lead me to the creation of one thing I’d never thought I’d make, a side image for the main character. I am not overly pleased with the side image or the special textbox, but it serves it’s purpose, and I’ve learned some valuable lessons making it.  I still have to work on it some more, but that’s for another time.

Other than that… not much else I want to reveal yet.

To make up for the fact that I didn’t work much, I’ve made a drawing. That makes everything better, right?  I was thinking of using the chibis as part of the game presentation when I finish it. Anyway,  here’s the “masterpiece”:

I don't have to draw hands! Muahahaha


3 Responses to “Finals == X_X”

  1. chuichoy 22/01/2012 at 20:46 #

    are you going to have any test or sample releases of the vn / game?
    im very curious to try it out! also, what does it run on? is it for computers or phones or tablets?

    everything looks great, esp the backgrounds so good luck!

    • SummerFoundMe 22/01/2012 at 21:12 #

      Well, I will definitely have a kind of beta test and I might have a demo for it. It will probably run on windows, mac and linux because ren’py (the visual novel engine I use) has those distibution options. The thing is, I don’t know if you are a guy or girl, but this vn is directed at girls since the objective is to get one of the guys. So… yeah. ^^

      Thanks for the compliment, it really makes everything worthwhile when someone I don’t even know says something like that.

  2. chuichoy 23/01/2012 at 18:15 #

    haha im a girl and thanks for letting me know!

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