Coding in some cool stuff

23 Jan

Disclaimer: What is cool for me may be not-so-cool for you. I get excited easily.

A new post already? It’s funny how when I have nothing to do I don’t want to work on the game, but now when I have a ton of other things I need to do, I feel like working all night.

So last night and today I did the following:

– I made the characters on the main menu which at first are grey become colored according to the number of endings you unlocked (each character has 3 stages).

– I added some animation to the main menu. Just a tiny little effect, nothing too distracting.

– I did the credits. It might be a little too soon for that, but editing it shouldn’t be a problem. I just wanted to establish the look. I was clapping my hands excitedly while watching it scroll. ♥

– I created a rain effect for the scenes where it starts to rain. This is the one I worked most at (“it’s 7 am already!?”), trying different methods and “looks” for the rain. This was another thing that was exciting to see done.

After all that I suspect half of my code consists of comments. This is because whenever I delete something I think I don’t need… you guessed it, I end up needing it again. So I don’t delete anything anymore.

What’s next on my list? Doing the last few backgrounds I need, maybe redoing some of the old ones, too. Not surprisingly, there’s quite a difference between my first few and last backgrounds.

Sprites, sprites, sprites. I’m not gonna get into that.

Music. Going throgh the whole damn thing and checking if the music fits. Deleting the tracks I don’t need, and somehow compressing the ones I do. Right now the total size of the music folder is over 60Mb which is not a good thing.

And… a bunch of other crap. Some big, some small, all annoying. Life is great ^^

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