Dear brain, stop being stupid!

6 Mar

“Dear brain, please stop having creative ideas. We’re passed that stage now.”

“But hey, wouldn’t it be great to have some-”


“C’mon!! It’d be like sooo cool, dude!”

“Lalalalala not listening.”

Arghh! I just keep adding useless stuff to the darn game. Why must I do that? I was just minding my own business when suddenly an idea hit me. “Why don’t I make some clouds move all over this screen here? I wonder if I could…” So I just had to try it to see if I could do it. Turns out I can.Then I realised that you see that screen for 2 seconds which made my efforts kinda pointless. But fear not! I decided to build on the moving cloud idea to make something else and use it in the introduction. It’s looking pretty meh (yeah, it’s a thing) but given my skills… what did u expect stupid brain??

No image for today. I’m too lazy to upload + not that interesting anyway

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