Still not dead!

18 Sep

So this project is still not dead, contrary to popular belief, including mine. It’s almost finished now, even if my brain is working against me and is trying to think of things I haven’t included and that would make the game better. Brain, I will not redraw the sprites, make more outfits for them, make new backgrounds, change the GUI, or anything else, got it? Not if I ever want to finish it.

For a while I was starting to think this project and its theme/story is too childish. So what? I’m sure at least a few people will like that about it, and that’s enough.

Now all there’s left is fix spelling, extra spaces, transitions and other small mistakes like that. Hopefully I’ll find some people willing to help me with beta testing. I sure hope there’s no gaping plot hole somewhere XD

That’s all for now…

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