Custom screens are more fun than writing

1 Nov

Even when I first started thinking about CryptoHaven (the game) it was always a given that there will be an actual interface to mimick CryptoHaven’s (the program) functionality. Not once did I think “If you decide to make this game YOU will have to program that.” Nope. Well it finally hit me.

I tried writing the part where Mia first uses Crypto, but without the actual interface it seems impossible to get into the mood, so I guess until I create it, I’m stuck.

I think my way of mimicking a forum is pretty stupid, but hey, it works. So far I can only list the topics, views and creator and I made the titles into buttons. It doesn’t link to anything as I’ve yet to figure out how to do the next part (the actual forum posts).


Yeah, anarchy! Go WhiteCrow!

Ain’t that the truth.

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