Poison sweet sprites

10 Dec

I haven’t written that much lately, but I’ve been doing some drawing. I drew two more characters besides the MC, Ember and Ayrius.

Leonore, on the left, a friend of Ember’s (though they don’t start out as friends) and a smaller character, Helena the cook. I still have to draw one more character (Ayrius’s butler) and if I feel like it, I’ll draw Linus, another minor character. I have another character that won’t get a sprite. Do you think minor characters should have sprites? How many lines should they have before they actually deserve a sprite? I wish there was a rule about it… It would make my life easier.

It was fun coloring in this style, instead of my usual cell shading, even if it looks a bit messy. Looking at  them now I see a ton of mistakes. I’ll have to touch them up a bit. ^^


dem curlz, dat ladle

6 Responses to “Poison sweet sprites”

  1. apoeticalfriday 12/12/2012 at 07:52 #

    These are so amazing *.* I can’t wait to play this xD (Did you do this with Photoshop?)

    • GlassHeart 12/12/2012 at 11:08 #

      Thank you! ^^ I actually drew them in painttool sai and only tweaked a bit in photoshop.

      • apoeticalfriday 12/12/2012 at 22:37 #

        Well, they’re BEAUTIFUL. I love the way you made her curls stand out, and the subtle prints on their clothing. :3

  2. Ayame 20/12/2012 at 17:31 #

    Hello! 😀
    I wrote you a very long review and I’d like to send it to you. Is there an email address I could send it to? 🙂 It’s a very positive review, by the way. 😀

    • GlassHeart 20/12/2012 at 20:04 #

      sure. you can send it to blu_angel602[at]yahoo.com ^^ I look forward to reading it.

      • Ayame 20/12/2012 at 20:34 #

        Thank you! I’ve just now sent it. ^^

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