A taste of poison

13 Feb

I’m usually pretty shy and I -still- get embarrassed thinking that people are reading something I wrote and looking at something I drew, even though Summer has around 8000 downloads (I can’t wait to say it’s over 9000!) .  How did that happen?!

So what I’m about to do in this post will hopefully help me get over my fears. People post different types of works all the time and get criticized for it. Besides, I haven’t posted anything in a while so I figured, why not some dialogue? Not everyone has  the attention span of a goldfish and needs pretty pictures.

So here’s a little peek at an event that takes place in the palace garden:

Ayrius “Ember, what a pleasant coincidence.”
Ember “I didn’t know you liked to take walks in the garden.”
Ayrius “Why else would I have a garden? I quite enjoy the calm and quiet.”
Ember “Am I bothering you? I’ll come back some other time.”
Ayrius “If you can refrain from talking my ears off as you usually do, I think I can survive half an hour in your company.”
Ember “What is that supposed to mean? I never-”
“I stopped myself, realizing that while he was most definitely wrong, it was wise to avoid an argument.”
Ember “Fine. I’ll be quiet.”
Ayrius “Good. Walk with me, then.”
“I made a point of being quiet. I even stepped as lightly as possible in order to avoid making noise.”
Ayrius “You are quite amusing at times.”
Ember “Amusing? I’m not saying anything.”
Ayrius “And yet you managed to amuse me. Why are you so stubborn? You’re like a child.”
Ember “You said to be quiet, so I am.”
Ayrius “Now I feel like conversing with you.”
Ember “Would you please make up your mind?”
Ayrius “You’re spirited today, aren’t you?”
Ember “I’m spirited most of the time. Are you only now noticing?”
Ayrius “I meant more than usual. Has something good happened?”
Ember “Not particularly. I just like summer, and long walks, and the smell of flowers…”
Ayrius “What about me?”
Ember “What about you?”
Ayrius “Are you enjoying my company?”
Ember “Enjoy might be a little much. I can certainly survive it, though.”
Ayrius “You remember that?”
Ember “It was a minute ago. And let me say I am ever so pleased you haven’t keeled over by now.”
Ayrius “Come now, don’t spoil the mood with an attitude like that. Let’s enjoy our walk.”

6 Responses to “A taste of poison”

  1. Sayuuki 15/02/2013 at 10:35 #

    Mi-am făcut un obicei de a trece pe la blogul tău din când în când. Even if you don’t see me, I’m here! Was that creepy? Never mind then.
    Îmi paaaalce Ayrius…CRED CĂ ÎL ADOR DEJA. Nu-mi place că Ember vorbeşte la persoana I, e o preferinţă a mea specifică, dar majoritatea jocurilor otome sunt aşa, deci m-am obişnuit [nu-mi mai amintesc dacă în Summer found me era tot aşa, gomen].
    Am zis că-mi place Ayrius?! Prima dată când l-am văzut în postarea aia cu replica aia genială mi s-a părut un pic arogant, dar nu judec personajul până nu joc jocul. Anyway, I’m kind drooling here.
    Ember e…mmm…cam tipică [nu mă băga în seamă, eu am ceva cu stereotipurile] daar sunt sigură că ascunde ea ceva special, oricum personajele tale sunt bine făcute. Cât despre dialog, e bine făcut, curge frumos, sună natural, nu e prea complicat şi totuşi e elevat [ăia sunt bogătani pe acolo, nu?].
    Aaaaaanyway, you got me hyped up. Mult succes în continuare cu frumuseţile pe care le faci [şi arta arară GORGEOUS] şi nu fă exces de procrastinare! Eu ştiu că fac >.>

    • GlassHeart 15/02/2013 at 16:24 #

      Mersi! Ma flatezi si nu e bine 😛
      Ma bucur ca iti place Ayrius. E super distractiv de scris personajul asta, pentru ca pare plin de el si egoist (si cam asa si e).
      Si in Summer naratiunea era tot la persoana intai, pe de o parte pentru ca asa e moda, dar mi se si pare normal deja, avand in vedere ca arat si gandurile ei. Chiar nu tin minte sa fii jucat un VN la pers a III-a. Am vazut la a II-a, dar nu se potriveste cu povestea.
      Ember nu e chiar cum era Iris, e mai temperata, nu vorbeste gura fara ea (prea mult). Sper sa iti placa si de ea pana la urma ^_^
      Cu procrastinarea… eu incerc, dar nu promit nimic. Pe langa hobby-ul cu VNurile, am un fel de roman la care lucrez si imi mai mananca si ala din timp. Oricum pana in 2014 sper sa termin cu Poison. :))

  2. Ayame 18/02/2013 at 18:44 #

    I don’t remember what those characters look like, but their relationship sounds interesting. 🙂 Definitely makes me curious to find out more.

    Also, congratulations on 8k+ downloads for Summer found me!! You really deserve them, it’s such a great game! … I now have the itch to play through it again. Can’t resist the temptatioooonn~~

    • GlassHeart 19/02/2013 at 17:38 #

      Haha. Thank you ^^
      Don’t resist it. Come to the dark side! lol XD

  3. Red 25/04/2013 at 22:32 #

    The sentences seem a little awkward. Is the entire story in past tense?

    • GlassHeart 25/04/2013 at 23:09 #

      What do you think is awkward about them? I tried to make the setting and social standing of the characters reflect in the way they speak, but I’m not used to writing more formal dialogue so maybe that’s it?
      By past tense do you mean the narrations? I always use past tense for the narrator in my games (and stories I write too), but it’s in no way a rare thing.

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