Sprites and shtuff

26 Mar

So Vicky has a sprite now… that’s something to post about, right? And I made a page for Signed X, that surely is post-worthy, no? I’ve just had all the inspiration squeezed out of me, so I’m not able to say anything funny or intelligent about any of that.

I’ll try to hold off releasing the game until the 31st, because I still find things wrong with it. I want to post it already and forget about it, but I have to fight that urge! I know all too well that even after I release it, someone’s gonna point out some errors and I’ll just want to hide under my bed and cry. Then I’ll remember my bed is too low for me to hide under.

If after making such a fun, upbeat VN I feel so exhausted and depressed, would making a drama/horror VN make me all happy and bubbly? Alas, life doesn’t work that way. Back to procrastinating!


One Response to “Sprites and shtuff”

  1. Sayuuki 26/03/2013 at 16:14 #

    Shtuff? Fuck yeah that sounds cool.
    Nu ne-am prins pe mess :))

    Am văzut pagina de la joc şi este OH MY GODDESS OF PINK genial. Se pare că nu te-ai stresat cu el şi asta e bine. I caaaan’t wait to play it >.< Aveam eu impresia că Warren o să-mi placă când l-am văzut, dar acum sunt sigură that he's gonna be my fav…sau cine ştie? :))
    Procrastination FTW! Ştii care-i cea mai bună? Procrastinarea de la procrastinare.

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