Otome Number 6: GlassHeart’s ‘Signed X’

9 May

Thank you so much for reviewing Singed X ^_^ Now that you mentioned it, I can’t NOT see Matt as some relative of Naruto. XD

Another Otome Diary


I was so excited when I checked LemmaSoft out and found that GlassHeart had made another VN! After my rave review on ‘Summer Found Me’, you must guess just how eager I was to play another game by GlassHeart.

First off, the premise of the story (girl finds some guy leaving a note declaring his admiration to her), is not an entirely unique one. But then, what’s unique these days? I love how GlassHeart turned a story that had the makings of a cliche-ridden plot into a comedic and at the same time heart-warming one.

As for the art–from Summer Found Me, I thought that the art was pretty good, and this lived up to my expectations. The MC’s sprite was a cute girl, and the boys were cute, too (especially Warren).

Onto the characters, as a teaser!

1. Marty

-The energetic MC. She adds the ‘funny’ ingredient to the…

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