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4 Jul

selavi blog sigla2

As you can see if you’ve ever been to this blog before – we have a new image.  Um… who’s we? >.> Shuddup.

This change was way overdue, so here it finally is. Still blue, because blue is my favorite color, but with a new banner. This was hard stuff guys, it took me like a day.

The mascot-couple is still present, as they have been with this blog since the very beginning. Maybe I should name them…

Now all that’s left is to finish another game to add the new logo to it. *cough cough*

So if I’m slacking off from my games, what have I been doing? My friend convinced me to start reading Game of Thrones so… there goes my free time.

I’ve been playing Starry Sky in Winter some more. I don’t really like SS games, but the plot/text is more accessible for a j-newb like me.  I’m saving “Spaz-kun” Tsubasa for last since he’s my sign (he could have been the worst character ever and I still would have liked him).

Aaand of course I’ve been watching anime. So many series have come to an end, but I’m excited to decide what I’ll be picking up in the new season.

So yeah, I’m like all of you, I have a life (kinda).  Don’t kill me just yet, I’ll finish Poison Sweet at some point and then Crypto.

9 Responses to “New look”

  1. calyprod 04/07/2013 at 02:29 #

    Changes! I love the new look, it’s refreshing and soft at the same time. And the logo is really nice too. Can’t wait to see it in your future games ^_^
    I’m also happy to see that even though you have a life (we all do, don’t worry), you give us fans some news about your projects so we know you’re still here, working for us. Besides, you don’t need to rush your work, everyone needs to have some free time. So anyways, beautifull new design.

    • GlassHeart 04/07/2013 at 13:34 #

      Thank you for being so kind and understanding! ^_^ I took a peek at your blog and refreshed my French a little, too. I started out like you, so I know how hard it can be to make a game all on your own. At the same time, it has its advantages (your artist/writer/coder won’t leave you in the middle of the project etc). I wish you the best of luck with your project. Bonne chance!

      • calyprod 04/07/2013 at 20:20 #

        Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot. I’m not quite sure how things are going to go with my own stuff but it feels great to receive encouragement.

  2. Stefy 04/07/2013 at 03:32 #

    It’s beautiful!! 😉

    • GlassHeart 04/07/2013 at 13:34 #

      Thank you! I’m glad you like the new design.

  3. Sayuuki 06/07/2013 at 11:36 #

    LAAAAAVII m-ai trăieşti? Îmi pare bine să te văd vivace şi că te bucuri de vară!
    Blogul arată mişto what can I say, mie-mi place design-urile mai încărcate deşi ştiu că nu-s prea pro. Scrisul de pe banner îmi plaaaace, logo-ul e frumos, never particulary liked blue but never hated it. “NOI”? Voooi? Ţi-ai făcut rost de parteneră or smth? Dacă asta înseamnă că treaba merge mai repede, foarte bine! Ţi-am zis de n ori take it easy and do ur best dar undeva într-un colţ al my otomegokoro tot ce vreau e jocurile alea mai repede cred că mă înţelegi :)) Starry Sky? Eu terminaşi de curând in summer, t’was gud. Esp Miyaji scorpionul iubitor de prăjituri. Chiar acum mă joc ruta lui Ikki şi…pot să spun că ruta asta m-a plictisit într-un haaaaaaaal. E interesant că la un moment dat Ikki devine nervos şi supărat pe ea. Anime? Ceee anime? Brothers Conflict, auzi’şi? Deşi e stupiiid, până acum. Vorbind de stupid, UtaPri, vaai cât am râs de idioţii ăia şi steluţele lor. Mi-e lene să mai dezvolt, sunt o grămadă de chestii despre care aş vrea să vorbim, poate ne mai auzim pe mess.

    • GlassHeart 06/07/2013 at 13:14 #

      “Noi” era o expresie, ca “Eu” suna prea urat. Daaar, s-ar putea sa ma fac cu o partenera. Maybe. Ar fi frumos dar deocamdata sunt doar vise. Poate o sa-mi fac eu propriul design intr-o zi. Cand o sa am si site-ul meu si o sa fac bani din vnuri si o sa castig la loto si blabla.

      Ikki e boring? Le sigh. Ca design e cel mai dragut, pacat de personalitate. 😦 You still haven’t finished though? Bine, nici eu nu am term SS. Cum am zis, e cat de cat usor de inteles dar nici nu se intampla nimic (in afara de Hayato-kun being a little b*tch) si ma plictisesc. Se mai uita aia de multe ori la cer impreuna?? It’s not that interesting, people!

      Despre anime… Am MAL, you know. You can see what I’m watching. I have stalked you already to see what you’re watching this season. Da ma uit la brothers conflict (sa prescurtam brocon? lol). E stupizel, I agree and so many brothers!!! dar da… nu exista reverse harem pe care sa nu il incerc si nu exista destule doormat-heroines sa ma convinga sa le abandonez.
      Ma uit si la altele, printre care infamul Free.

      La utapri final am ras cu lacrimi, fara pic de exagerare. Sunt asa penali. Heavens, Starish, dansurile… I don’t even…
      La sfarsit cand au cantat 1000% I was like O.o. This song! I must sing it.

      Nu ti-am mai zis nimic pe mess pt ca in ultimele dati cand am vorbit erai ocupata si am zis sa astept sa dai tu un semn si nu ai mai dat so I felt awkward disturbing you again… The awkward adventures of me. >.>

  4. Red 31/08/2013 at 00:43 #

    Are you still working on your visual novels? You haven’t updated in a while.

    • GlassHeart 31/08/2013 at 20:57 #

      I will make a new post soon talking about what I’ve been doing, I was just waiting for a little more progress before I talk about it. So don’t worry, I haven’t given up visual novels 🙂

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