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Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy

30 Mar

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about any specific visual novel other than my own on my blog, but today is special. *throws confetti* While I couldn’t make a game of my own for NaNoReNo this year (that game jam type of event where you try to finish a visual novel in a month), I created some backgrounds for someone else’s game. If you’ve played a VN called Seduce me, or one of her other VNs, you might know who this is.

The VN is titled “Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy”. As you might be able to tell by the title, it is a more mature kind of game, but there are several ways to avoid getting in too deep. Even without the NSFW aspect, it’s a cute and fluffy game with adorable characters. You can check it out and download it HERE.


Do you play or read a visual novel?

23 Feb

I’ve always been referring to the act of enjoying a visual novel as “playing”, but apparently not everyone agrees. My boyfriend isn’t really a fan of the stuff and always corrects my “play” to “read”. He thinks that if it doesn’t involve skills it can’t be played. (reading is a skill, right?) At the same time I think a VN can have much more layers than just reading. There’s music and pictures too, so read doesn’t quite cut it for me.

On the other side I really admire visual novels with simulation elements. The ones with daily planners, stat-raising, inventory, wardrobe and things like that. It really makes the whole thing seem more like a game. Each format has it’s cons though. This type of VN can be annoying sometimes because skipping big chunks of story isn’t an option the second time around, like it is for pure visual novels. I have played Tokimemo GS 1 and 2 and  I have suffered through the hours and hours of save-load and got to the end just to somehow realize I’d screwed it up at some point.

I definitely consider these types of visual novel as games, since they are more interactive. As for skill… something like an idle game is still a game although there’s little to no skill involved, just clicking and upgrading.

Regardless of the way you prefer to call it or the type of games you enjoy, I do think visual novels are becoming less of a niche. I mean there are even some on Steam. It makes me happy to see the medium “growing up” and reaching more people. Looking forward to the day I can be the girl saying, “Oh, you like that game? Well I’ve been playing visual novels since before you learned how to use a computer. Also get off my lawn!” ^_^

New game available for download : Out of Sight

23 Aug

The first verion of Out of Sight is out! Go download it from the Finished Games section!

I might do some updates if anyone finds any more typos or other errors, but for now let me know your thoughts.

I’m looking forward to reading your reactions. As always, thanks for playing my games.  ^_^

Out of Sight

31 Jul

oos logo

I promised myself I wouldn’t post again until I had something to show for all my absence. And here it is: Out of Sight. It’s a rather small game, about the same as Signed X for those who’ve played it.

Now that I have a full-time job, it’s very hard to find time to work on a game. I come home tired and all I want to do is relax. BUT! with a few hours of work here and there…. I present you:



A game about a girl who happens to lose her glasses. What could happen? Who will help her out? And most importantly, can she handle the world as she sees her now?

Genre: GxB, paranormal

Deets: Two main routes, 7 endings + an unlockable ending, 14,582 word count.

The game is in a working beta right now. If anyone is interested in helping me with some editing and testing, just leave a comment ^_^


Capture screenshot0039 screenshot0038 screenshot0023

New look

4 Jul

selavi blog sigla2

As you can see if you’ve ever been to this blog before – we have a new image.  Um… who’s we? >.> Shuddup.

This change was way overdue, so here it finally is. Still blue, because blue is my favorite color, but with a new banner. This was hard stuff guys, it took me like a day.

The mascot-couple is still present, as they have been with this blog since the very beginning. Maybe I should name them…

Now all that’s left is to finish another game to add the new logo to it. *cough cough*

So if I’m slacking off from my games, what have I been doing? My friend convinced me to start reading Game of Thrones so… there goes my free time.

I’ve been playing Starry Sky in Winter some more. I don’t really like SS games, but the plot/text is more accessible for a j-newb like me.  I’m saving “Spaz-kun” Tsubasa for last since he’s my sign (he could have been the worst character ever and I still would have liked him).

Aaand of course I’ve been watching anime. So many series have come to an end, but I’m excited to decide what I’ll be picking up in the new season.

So yeah, I’m like all of you, I have a life (kinda).  Don’t kill me just yet, I’ll finish Poison Sweet at some point and then Crypto.