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Summer found me in German

11 Feb

Just a short post to announce the release of the German language version of Summer found me.

The same as with Trapped, it was translated by Marcel Weyers. Thank you again for the translation!

Click here to download!

I’ve been a little busy translating the images for the game (not saving each file with text layers?! why, past-me? why?) and also it was my birthday last week, so I haven’t been working on the other VNs, but I hope to be back with some updates soon. ^^

Summer Found Me walkthrough

19 Nov

Due to popular demand (well, not that popular, but I felt it was needed), here’s a full guide with all the endings for Summer Found Me and the boys’ point requirements. Hopefully there are no errors and it will be of help to you. ^^

>>Get it here!<<




Summer PV

11 Oct

So today I made a promotional video for SFM. It’s short because I really don’t have any awesome things to show off, but it was fun to do nevertheless. ^^

Doodle dump

24 Sep

Random doodles I did while not working on Summer found me:

Best endings – choice by choice walkthrough

23 Sep

 Exactly what the title says. Look at your own risk by highlighting the text. I might post one for ending 9, but the others should be easy.


Alden – Ending 3

Leave him alone
Go for a bike ride
Better not
Go to bed
Admit you spoke in anger
Call alden already
Eat ice cream
Yes, I like mysteries
Private message
Yes, I’m curious
Don’t say anything
Try something creative
Confront him – doesn’t really matter
Tease him – same
Write about Alden
The bookmark
I’m not busy
He’s my neighbor
Just laugh
doesn’t matter
Do you think Alden likes me?
Whatever you want
doesn’t matter
Tell Alden you want to talk in private

Devlin – Ending 6

Talk to him
Just go to bed
Try to deal with him
doesn’t matter
(reject Seth if he asks you to go to him)
I’m going out
Do something stupid
I might as well
I was looking for you
Admit it
Look for clues
doesn’t matter
Douse him
Ask about himself
doesn’t matter
Write about Devlin
Take cover
I may not be qualified
I’m not sure
doesn’t matter
Go check
Run away

Seth – Ending 10

Leave him alone
Call Seth
Go online
Text him
Call seth first
It’s about alden
Eat ice cream
Yes, I like mysteries
Play a game
All in
doesn’t matter
doesn’t matter
Tease him
Write about Seth
Make a run for it
Yes to the bet
doesn’t matter
I’m not sure
Do you think I’m a bad friend?
See if Seth is online
Iris and Seth
Run away
Find Seth