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Day 6: script is done

18 Mar

It’s day 6 of my project for NaNoRenO and I’m happy to say the script is done. In the end the story has 4 endings, instead of 2-3, and I actually had to make an effort to keep that number from growing. There were at least 2 other endings I could think of, but I think those would just be overkill, given the fact that the story is pretty linear. Just skipping past 90% of the story of a little extra doesn’t seem worth it.

I’ll probably still tweak the dialogue here and there, but for the most part it’s done, at 9.911 words.  It seems quite a lot, it’s almost a quarter of SFM which took more than a year to make, but when I think about it, not that much happens.

I also changed the heroine’s name to Marty, since it’s sounds like martie, the Romanian word for march ^^ I think it’s a cuter name and it suits her better.

My next move should be cutting up the sprites. I hate this part. Saving each eye, brow, mouth state and then coding them together into different expressions and then inserting them is such a drag. I wish the computer could read my mind and do it for me. Not to mention I did an extra outfit for two of the characters. What was I thinking? And they only use it once, what a waste.

I’ve never drawn such a cute MC before. I usually make the girls look more mature, but this whole game is just so filled with hearts and pink, it’s no use stopping now. Oh, well… Enjoy this pic of the sprites for now ^^

Warren on the left, Matt on the right

Warren on the left, Matt on the right




Character sheets

4 May

One night after doing some sprite drawing, I wanted to do something a little more relaxing. So I made these character sheets. Initally I had a lot more questions, but they didn’t fit right on the page, so I just kept these.

The story behind them is that the main character Iris made them and asked the other characters to fill them out. Some didn’t want to, but Iris can be very persuasive.