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Happy Easter!

5 May

Happy Easter, everyone!

Have you been eating tons of cake and cookies and lying around doing nothing? What, is that just me? I was just… uh… brainstorming. Here, look at this chibi drawing of Ayrius and Ember.

I'll show you the world

This way to the torture chamber.

I’ve been making some headway with the backgrounds. I’ve convinced my mom to give me her laptop for rendering purposes. New BGs! Only two so far. Antique furniture is a pain, it’s probably not going to look very antique-y. I should do more research. *sigh*

I’m getting back to writing as soon as I can move again (I ate lots of sweets, remember? Warren would be proud). I’ve even written down some ideas for endings. Convoluted true ending is convoluted.

Hope you have a fun Easter. Bye~!

Finals == X_X

22 Jan

So… I haven’t done much lately regarding the game. There’s still a lot to do, more than I’d care to remember, especially regarding the sprites. I have avoided working on the game because when I start tinkering with the tiniest thing, next thing I know I’m knee-deep in code. And that is bad, very bad. Why? Read the title again.

Once such occasion lead me to the creation of one thing I’d never thought I’d make, a side image for the main character. I am not overly pleased with the side image or the special textbox, but it serves it’s purpose, and I’ve learned some valuable lessons making it.  I still have to work on it some more, but that’s for another time.

Other than that… not much else I want to reveal yet.

To make up for the fact that I didn’t work much, I’ve made a drawing. That makes everything better, right?  I was thinking of using the chibis as part of the game presentation when I finish it. Anyway,  here’s the “masterpiece”:

I don't have to draw hands! Muahahaha