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Signed X available on the iPad!

22 Sep

Bet you thought I was swallowed by a sea of anime and otome games, huh? Well, I’m still here and will be making an important update soon. Buuut, that’s not what I’m here to talk about today,

Signed X has been ported to the iPad. Exciting news, right?

Thanks to Julian, the person who did all the hard work! Hopefully together we’ll be able to reach more people with the power of visual novels. We started with Signed X since it was a small game, but if this endevour proves succesful, maybe we can port more games in the future.

I didn’t announce this earlier because until the last moment I wasn’t sure if this was really happening or not and didn’t want to jinx it. Yeah, I’m paranoid like that. >.>  I was reluctant to tell even my friends and family and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it since making VNs has been just an unusual hobby of mine.

But enought of my whining! If you have an iPad and would like to play a visual novel on the go or if you’ve already played Signed X and just want to support future games, you can check out the download links below.  There is a lite version that you can download for free ^_^

Signed X Full Version

Signed X Lite Version