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The world of Trankill

17 Mar

Trankill is a virtual fighting game and the focus of my game, Tranquil Tempest. I can only hope that within my lifetime I’ll be able to play such a game IRL. Hmm… Maybe not a fighting game, as I don’t think I’d be very good at those. But there are already a lot of promising developments in that area so I’m hopeful ^_^

In Tranquil Tempest, the protagonist plays this game as more than a hobby or a sport, but as a job, since points earned in TK are accepted as currency by a good number of businesses. The TK experience is fully immersive, aka you must wear a device on your wrist while in a match (the TK tracker). This device connects the player to the world of TK, but can also be used as a watch, phone, TV, music player, web browser, etc. Playing a match is like being asleep, your body doesn’t move, but instead all of the motions are performed by your avatar.

There are 10 levels in TK. You start at level 1 and work your way up by beating players of your level or slightly higher. With each level you gain, you receive more points for your victories, but, while at level 1 you feel no pain from getting hit in game, the higher your level, the more pain you feel. Level 10 is said to be the “realistic pain level”.

The concept of the game may not be entirely original. The idea came to me after playing a visual novel named Togainu no Chi. It’s also about a fighting game, but it’s a lot less virtual and a lot more deadly. Since I’ve started creating Tranquil Tempest I’ve come across a whole bunch of similar themes (virtual games where you need to wear some kind of device, fighting-style games) in other media, but by now I know there’s no way to make something entirely original so I don’t let that bother me too much.

In TK not everyone can make a profit, most people pay money to play, as expected. It has become somewhat of an addiction for the poorer half of the young population looking for a quick way to get money. However few are as skilled as Juni. Not that her opponents would ever admit that, they all call her a cheater because of her unorthodox way of winning. That’s all fine by her because TK is a world where no one knows who she is.


Name of the game… studio (and tumblr)

11 May

Today I have two matters on the agenda. Let’s start with the most important one. I want to name my game…  uh… associ…compa… oragniza…. thing.  Studio? Studio!

Since I’m one person, I could just release games under the name GlassHeart, buuut I don’t want to anymore. Everyone has fancy names, so why not me? I could make a nice logo and, if one day I get my own site, I’ll know what to call it. For now it’s just something I want to do, so let’s leave it at that. ^_^

I decided against any Japanese names. It might be cool, but ultimately my games have nothing to do with Japan, aside from the fact that VNs originated there.  I’ll explain the thought process behind each idea  to help you make a choice. I’m not necessarily going to choose the most popular, but it might help make up my mind. You can select up to three names, so please vote, nee~? =3=

  1.  Selavi Game Studio/Selavi Visual Novels (not sure which sounds better)
    Selavi is the most personal, and it might be my favorite. It comes from the French “c’est la vie” (= that’s life). Since my real name is Lavinia, it also could be interpreted as c’est Lavi (my nickname). Yes, it’s pretty silly, but I think it’s sorta cool to have my name hidden inside the organization(?) name. Don’t laugh, damnit!
  2. VNeophyte Games
    VN + Neophyte ( = beginner/rookie)
  3. Novi Games
    VIsual NOvel. VI NO, Novi
  4. VisualPursuit Games
    Originally the name for a game idea, I thought it could work for other purposes as well. A VN is a virtual pursuit after all.
  5. VisualNovice Games
    pretty self-explanatory
  6. GlassHeart Visual Novels
    Not my favorite, but maybe sticking to a sort of known name is better? I had to add it.
  7. DoseOfHazard Visual Novels
    Sounds more like a band name, but I like it. making something like music, games, art etc. that you plan to show others means taking a risk.
  8. OddChemistry Visual Novels
    Making VNs is kind of like chemistry. As a beginner you’re mixing different elements and hoping for the best. lol

Our second matter is: should I make a tumblr to post minor stuff that don’t really need a whole post on this blog. There have been quite a few moments when I just wanted to show a sketch or write a few words, but didn’t want to bother my subscribers with nonsense. I might add other things there besides vn dev posts, like anime/game  related shtuff and other cool things I find online. Whaddaya think?

Happy Easter!

5 May

Happy Easter, everyone!

Have you been eating tons of cake and cookies and lying around doing nothing? What, is that just me? I was just… uh… brainstorming. Here, look at this chibi drawing of Ayrius and Ember.

I'll show you the world

This way to the torture chamber.

I’ve been making some headway with the backgrounds. I’ve convinced my mom to give me her laptop for rendering purposes. New BGs! Only two so far. Antique furniture is a pain, it’s probably not going to look very antique-y. I should do more research. *sigh*

I’m getting back to writing as soon as I can move again (I ate lots of sweets, remember? Warren would be proud). I’ve even written down some ideas for endings. Convoluted true ending is convoluted.

Hope you have a fun Easter. Bye~!

Warning: this post may contain whining

20 Apr

After Signed X I’ve been feeling a little lost. I’m supposed to work on Poison Sweet, but I feel like everything looks kinda… meh, and that I can do more, but at the same time I ask myself why. Why should I bother redoing/touching up sprites, UI, etc.?

This brings us to my problem. A few people have told me I should try to do commercial games. I’ve always hoped I could one day, but now the thought won’t leave me alone. The thing is most people don’t understand what making commercial games really means (and I can’t say that I completely do either). I know my content isn’t at commercial level, but the thought of selling my games is appealing. Knowing I’m actually getting paid would give me more motivation, not to mention alleviate the guilt I feel every time I work on a game instead of searching for a real job.

I started entertaining that possibility. I thought I would sell my games cheap, so that everyone could afford them (future games only, of course). But then I realized, even if I charge 5 $ or less, most people still won’t get them. There are many free VNs, why would they pay anything for mine, when they could just play free ones?  My biggest desire is that as many people as possible play my games.

So my other option would be donations. 1$ from every 100th person who visits my blog would still be something.  Sure, not nearly enough to be considered profitable, but just the feeling that I’ve done something worthwhile would be enough. You might be thinking, isn’t the fact that people are playing your games worthwhile already? Of course it is. Reading comments from people who’ve liked my games makes me really happy, but only very few actually take the time to write a comment.

Wait. How many comments has the Summer found me page have? Around 50 (not including my own). How many downloads does the game have? Over 11.000, if we count only the latest English version.  So one in 220 people left a comment. Leaving a comment is free. See where I’m going with this?

Sure, I haven’t done much promotion for my blog, because I’ve never had a reason to do so before. I haven’t even posted it to my facebook. (I don’t want my -especially male- friends to laugh at my girly games. lol)

Le sigh~

Anyway, I’m done whining for the day. Thoughts are very much appreciated.


So I made this game about chasing 2D guys. Hire me?

12 Jan

This isn’t really a game update, but I thought it would be something funny to talk about.

I’m writing a few pages about visual novels and my experience with them to go with my resume. It wasn’t my idea, mind you. I would never ever tell anyone about it, but someone thinks it’s a good idea.

I’m not exactly sure what I should write about and, even beyond the problem of translating a bunch of terms into Romanian (I’ve given up on some of them and just let them be), it’s a really frustrating experience.

How do you explain to someone who is NOT a friend what a visual novel is? Worse than that, what a GxB VN is. “It’s a game where you chase cute 2D boys around” is not acceptable. I can almost see a middle aged guy reading it and going: huh? while scratching his head.

How do you explain that the game is about reading and clicking? Or that you’ve made a game in another language thus they may or may not understand it if they played it? Also for the life of me I can’t find a decent screenshot. All the ones I have handy are my dumb jokes that I can’t possibly show someone I’m trying to impress. At the same time if I show some bland and generic line they’ll think VNs are stupid.

I’m not sure if I shold explain the story either, I’ve only written like 3 lines about it so I hope it’s ok. Writing about love confessions hurts my brain too, especially since there’s no right word for it in Romanian. They’re probably looking for the technical aspect of it anyway.

Right now I’m trying to write about the role decisions have and how points work. All my decisions (the ones I had a screenshot of) sound so girly and lame and I’m just embarrassed about my drawings, writing, everything. *wallows in self pity*

Why did I think this post would be funny? Ah, now I remember. It’s not, I’m only writing this to get away from what I’m actually supposed to write.