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Sorry for being lazy and stuff

4 Jun

I haven’t posted in a while… I just haven’t been working on the game, so there was no reason to post. Real life problems and just general lack of motivation… The usual. I’ve been watching unhealthy amounts of anime and tv shows, reading a lot, and pretty much living the life of a vegetable. A lazy vegetable.

As for the studio name thing, I’ve decided to pick Selavi, since it was my favorite anyway and it was well recieved. Thank you everyone who voted! When I have time I’ll make the appropriate changes to the blog.
I did make a tumblr in the end, for all the little updates. (this is where I’d put my updates… IF I HAD ANY!)
It’s a work in progress, don’t hate. >.>

Warning: this post may contain whining

20 Apr

After Signed X I’ve been feeling a little lost. I’m supposed to work on Poison Sweet, but I feel like everything looks kinda… meh, and that I can do more, but at the same time I ask myself why. Why should I bother redoing/touching up sprites, UI, etc.?

This brings us to my problem. A few people have told me I should try to do commercial games. I’ve always hoped I could one day, but now the thought won’t leave me alone. The thing is most people don’t understand what making commercial games really means (and I can’t say that I completely do either). I know my content isn’t at commercial level, but the thought of selling my games is appealing. Knowing I’m actually getting paid would give me more motivation, not to mention alleviate the guilt I feel every time I work on a game instead of searching for a real job.

I started entertaining that possibility. I thought I would sell my games cheap, so that everyone could afford them (future games only, of course). But then I realized, even if I charge 5 $ or less, most people still won’t get them. There are many free VNs, why would they pay anything for mine, when they could just play free ones?  My biggest desire is that as many people as possible play my games.

So my other option would be donations. 1$ from every 100th person who visits my blog would still be something.  Sure, not nearly enough to be considered profitable, but just the feeling that I’ve done something worthwhile would be enough. You might be thinking, isn’t the fact that people are playing your games worthwhile already? Of course it is. Reading comments from people who’ve liked my games makes me really happy, but only very few actually take the time to write a comment.

Wait. How many comments has the Summer found me page have? Around 50 (not including my own). How many downloads does the game have? Over 11.000, if we count only the latest English version.  So one in 220 people left a comment. Leaving a comment is free. See where I’m going with this?

Sure, I haven’t done much promotion for my blog, because I’ve never had a reason to do so before. I haven’t even posted it to my facebook. (I don’t want my -especially male- friends to laugh at my girly games. lol)

Le sigh~

Anyway, I’m done whining for the day. Thoughts are very much appreciated.