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Assorted stuff

13 Jan

After a few days break, I’m back on track. I don’t even know how I’d classify what I’ve been doing. Miscellaneous, I guess. I’ve fixed a few things that were bugging me. Not big things, things probably most people wouldn’t even notice/mind. I’m not usually a perfectionist, just when it comes to thing I am passionate about.

One of the awesome little things that I’ve done is fix the god awful nvl screen. I used nvl when showing online chat. But it had the default look, plus the game menu buttons would continue to show even when in nvl, when the rest of the textbox was gone. That drove me crazy. The solution was quite simple, but it took months for me to care enough to look for it. Until recently I always thought there were better things to do, but now that the project is approaching completion (omg! can’t believe I said that!), it’s time to do all the little things I always put off.

I also drew a nice background for a club scene. I did an animation for lights changing using ATL. Didin’t know what ATL was when I woke up this morning (uh… at 1PM actually…). I am so proud of it, even though to a professional it would look like crap. ^^;

So, to show you a little piece of what I did today, here’s the new “chat window”. It’s actually just a plain old png. The button and scroll don’t do anything, I hope people won’t click them and be all confused. It would be possible to actually make a functional messenger, of course, but I have to draw the line somewhere if I want this finished any time soon.

"Yes, I know my ID is stupid, I was 11 when I made it, ok?"


I did some other stuff, too. Fixed some annoying stuff in the game, thanks to the wonderful people on http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/ I would have been lost without them. Finally I can start implementing my idea, which is that whenever you find a character’s special ending it will color his picture in the main menu.

I forgot to mention the endings – all written! 3 for Devli-pooh (hehe), 3 for Alden and 4 for Seth cause he’s awesome like that. LOL. One of Dev’s ending could be considered the alone ending though, because you don’t actually get to have a “confrontation”. This only happens if you pursue Devlin, but don’t get a special event.

I’ve decided on naming the endings rather than numbering them. I will probably write “special ending” on the special ones, but so far I have: 3 special endings (you need a lot of points for these, probably a walk-through or something), 4 good/normal endings (some are happier than others), and 3 bad endings (not necessarily bad, I try to not let it be too depressing).


26 Dec

Not much to show today, but I did a lot of writing. I had 3 endings for Alden done and today I wrote 4 endings for Seth. I didn’t intend to have 4, but it sort of worked out that way. Only one left is Devlin. It’s gonna be tricky to write. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow if I have the time.

On another note, I’ve tried my hand at a couple of CGs. Two of the kissing scenes to be more exact. They didn’t turn out exactly amazing, but I’m going to work on them some more after the writing’s all done. If all else fails, I’ll release the game without CGs and maybe some CG artist will decide they like the game enough to do some drawings for me.

Word count update:

The game contains 4,574 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 41,377 words,
for an average of 9.0 words per screen.
The game contains 43 menus.

Background dilemma

3 Jul

Yes I’m still alive ( amazingly so after watching all the episodes of glee in 3 days).

I wrote a little today. It was a scene in which Iris goes with Alden to visit an old tower. I was debating in my head how many backgrounds I should make. They meet in front of the tower, then they go to the top (just a few lines here), then -OMG HUGE SPOILERS- rain starts and they go inside and sit on the steps. Here they talk a lot so I already made a background for the inside of the tower. The thing is… should I make a BG for the part where they are at the top of the tower? I HATE doing outside BGs because doing hills and trees is super hard for me. I’m thinking of just skipping it. No one will be like “I really liked this game, but there was one place where I felt like the creator got lazy and didn’t make that one extra background.”

Actually, there is one other place where I have this problem. It’s the alternative to going with Alden to the tower. Iris takes cover from the rain in a bar. The thing is, I made a BG with the entrance of the bar, from the outisde. I even added a nice rain effect. Then it hit me. Oh wait, the whole action happens INSIDE THE BAR. *throws self off cliff* It looks stupid when Iris talks about what’s going on inside the bar and we see the outside. Should I make a CG for the inside? Probably.
Obligatory image:
Um… lemme find something.
Ah, there we go. Doodleicious pic of Devlin I did in 10 minutes

Random Thursday

9 Jun

After finishing every single background I needed (at the time), I decided to write today. I made a list of the events of the day and then wrote about half of them. It seems day 5 will be rather simple and linear. I made some diagrams of the choices so far and it seems I have too many – useless – menus. At the same time I’m scared of taking them out because that means I have to go and mess with the choices and renumber them which is a pain. What if I change my mind later? Ugh…

I updated my word count on the SFM page. I estimate the final game will have around 40k words. Just a hunch. A lot of that will be show x, hide y, since I haven’t added those in, save for a few test areas. I think it’s still a good number, it won’t be 100k+ like the big games, but still a manageable size.

I changed my backgrounds to .jpg’s since I noticed they’re smaller than .png’s or at least the size/quality is easily adjustable in Photoshop. <- Random thing you didn’t need to know.

What else, what else? Oh yeah… I’m not sure what to do about the CGs. Should the heroine be in them? She’s gonna have to be in the [OMG SPOILERS!] kissing CGs [/OMG SPOILERS] so it would be weird if she wasn’t in any of the rest. But if I do draw her, should I do the faceless/face-is-covered-by-hair type of thing? I noticed they do that in VNs sometimes. I guess they figure it helps you imagine that’s you in the CG? I dunno…

Mandatory picture of the week
Random pic I drew of the MC.

Why yes, I DO suck at anatomy.

Summer boys are real! Oh and some boring stuff.

27 May

Boring part:

I haven’t posted for a little while because I don’t really have any updates. I’m working my butt off writing, but that’s not very exciting. I finished day 5 and just need to test it and correct what mistakes I find.

I’ve made myself a graphic of all the choices, so I can see clearly who gets what points and when. I’ve noticed my personal preference is getting in the way. I counted all the points, and they are as such: Seth and Alden – 8, Devlin – 13. Oops?  But day 5 will be filled with Seth and Alden! I’ll make sure not to leave them behind. Either that or I’ll cut back on Devlin’s points. Even though he has the most points, he is the only character with whom you can have negative interractions (aka lose points), so it’s fair in a way, right? Right??  ^^;

No pictures from the game today… Sorry for the boring post, but someone has to do the writing.

Hot guys part:

While I was having writers block (totally not procrastinating, I swear!!!) I decided to imagine how my boys would look if they were real people. So… I decided to associate each boy with a famous asian guy. Extra points if you know who they are! 😉

I have two choices for each of them. It’s very hard to choose, as I love them all. They don’t look exactly like them (the eyes in particular), but when they make a movie based on my game, they will fix that with contacts, hair dye etcetera. XD

So without further ado, here are the Summer boys as real people!!

Devlin candidates:

Devlin 1

Devlin 1

Devlin 2

♥                                                                                                                              ♥

Seth candidates:

Seth 1

Seth 1

Seth 2 (you can picture the glasses on him, right?)

♥                                                                                                                              ♥

Alden candidates:


Alden 1

Alden 2