Tranquill Tempest update

23 Aug

In the past few days I’ve been tackling sprite linearts. I’ve had ugly sketches as placeholders since forever in the game as you can see:


With lineart like that you’d bet I’d threaten him! Threaten to clean that mess up a little. Now my main 3 guys are done-ish. Riley (the middle guy) has gone through a little bishi-fication in the face region (his hair in particular was kind of lame), but he’s still his goofy old self. ^_^  He took the makeover like a trooper.

Kiran (left guy) is perfect as he is, of course (Kiran: “Where do I sign up for more skulls in my design?”). Meanwhile Harley is too busy to care what happens to his design. He has important plans to take care of, you wouldn’t understand.

WIP Lineart


One Response to “Tranquill Tempest update”

  1. Valiola 10/09/2016 at 17:46 #

    They are lovely ❤ I wanna to date them all !

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