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Disclaimer: Contains some swearing. Everything is subject to change. There is no music yet and the sprites are not finished. This is mostly a demo for the story. Proceed at your own risk.


Juni’s life revolves around a virtual reality fighting game named Trankill. Some play for fun, but many play it to live. Juni is one of those people for which TK is more than a hobby or a sport, it’s a job. The only one she can have. Along with her fellow refugees from the now destroyed island of Silen, she is shunned by the society she lives in and forced into solitude. For far too long she has ignored her past and been content with surviving day to day.

One day she hit “Accept” on a notification from TK, now all these people are appearing in her life. One wants her support, another wants her attention, someone else wants her gone and yet another wants to use her. The final stranger… he doesn’t know what he wants.

What does Juni want? To find out the truth. What really happened to her home? Why are the Silen refugees, her people, disappearing lately?

Trankill, the game

Trankill (often shortened to TK) is a virtual reality fighting game created by Domina Corporation. They have a monopoly on the latest virtual reality technology.  TK Points earned by winning in the game are accepted as currency by many real life businesses. The TK experience is fully immersive, using a device on your wrist to connect the player to the world of Trankill. The device called a TK tracker can also be used as a watch, phone, TV, music player, web browser, etc. Playing a match is like dreming, your body doesn’t move, but instead all of the motions are performed by your avatar.

There are 10 levels in TK. You start at level 1 and work your way up by beating players of your level or slightly higher. With each level you gain, you receive more points for your victories, but, while at level 1 you feel no pain from getting hit in game, the higher your level, the more simulated pain you feel. Level 10 is said to be the “realistic pain level”.

Players pay for the number of hours spent in game. Most people pay more than they can win back; the game is expected to be balanced that way. It has become somewhat of an addiction for the poorer half of the young population looking for a quick way to get money. However few are as skilled as Juni. Not that her opponents would ever admit that, calling her a cheater because of her unorthodox way of winning. That’s all fine by her because TK is a world where no one knows who she is.



“I must have a soft spot for stubborn brats.”

Following a law that required all Silener kids to be enrolled in Calycan schools, Juni met her first and only local friend. Riley is a hard working kid and Juni’s personal chef, but can get a bit possessive and whiny if left alone. Is against Juni’s “job”.


“Finally you acknowledge my talents.”

A bold young man with a talent for magically appearing when least wanted. He accidentally discoverers Juni is also a TK player and his interests just happened to align with hers. Or did they?


“Domina doesn’t play fair, why should I?”

A smart and mysterious fellow Silener and highly skilled TK player. Patriotic to the core and motivated to uncover the truth about the bombings that wiped out his home.


“I’m not what you’d call a nice girl.”

Harley’s partner in crime. Quick witted and with a sharp tongue, Senna’s won’t accept anything less than perfection from anyone, including herself. You’re not here to pick up boys are you?


“You have no idea how much of you they own”

A mysterious hacker who has a surprising connection to Juni.

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