Tranquil Tempest

17 Feb

So, remember that teaser for a thing called Tranquil Tempest like a billion years ago? Well I am finally getting back in the saddle so to speak and starting working on it again. Given that it’s a big game (for one person to make at least) progress is slow, but I will try to keep at it. I’m hoping to make this my first commercial game, although you can expect a low price or even a pay-what-you-want type deal.

Once I get all my shtuff together I will make it a proper Work In Progress page with screenshots and everything.

The game is set in an alternate universe and has 3(?) pursueable characters. So far I have around 70% of the story written, but the endings are still up in the air. I know aproximately what I want to do for each character and they will each have a good ending and possibly several not so good endings. I want the endings to depend on the choices you’ve made not only to win the character’s aproval but also that establish some “traits”. So if you normally tend to resolve problems with violence, this will be reflected in the ending you will get. It may not sound very complicated, but there are a lot of variables to consider.

Obligatory doodle. ^_^


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New game available for download : Out of Sight

23 Aug

The first verion of Out of Sight is out! Go download it from the Finished Games section!

I might do some updates if anyone finds any more typos or other errors, but for now let me know your thoughts.

I’m looking forward to reading your reactions. As always, thanks for playing my games.  ^_^

Out of Sight

31 Jul

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I promised myself I wouldn’t post again until I had something to show for all my absence. And here it is: Out of Sight. It’s a rather small game, about the same as Signed X for those who’ve played it.

Now that I have a full-time job, it’s very hard to find time to work on a game. I come home tired and all I want to do is relax. BUT! with a few hours of work here and there…. I present you:



A game about a girl who happens to lose her glasses. What could happen? Who will help her out? And most importantly, can she handle the world as she sees her now?

Genre: GxB, paranormal

Deets: Two main routes, 7 endings + an unlockable ending, 14,582 word count.

The game is in a working beta right now. If anyone is interested in helping me with some editing and testing, just leave a comment ^_^


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25 Sep


bg teaser


Signed X available on the iPad!

22 Sep

Bet you thought I was swallowed by a sea of anime and otome games, huh? Well, I’m still here and will be making an important update soon. Buuut, that’s not what I’m here to talk about today,

Signed X has been ported to the iPad. Exciting news, right?

Thanks to Julian, the person who did all the hard work! Hopefully together we’ll be able to reach more people with the power of visual novels. We started with Signed X since it was a small game, but if this endevour proves succesful, maybe we can port more games in the future.

I didn’t announce this earlier because until the last moment I wasn’t sure if this was really happening or not and didn’t want to jinx it. Yeah, I’m paranoid like that. >.>  I was reluctant to tell even my friends and family and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it since making VNs has been just an unusual hobby of mine.

But enought of my whining! If you have an iPad and would like to play a visual novel on the go or if you’ve already played Signed X and just want to support future games, you can check out the download links below.  There is a lite version that you can download for free ^_^

Signed X Full Version

Signed X Lite Version